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risk management
healthcare costs
market uncertainty
maximizing profit
customer retention
accounts receivable
growing revenue
supply chain
business development
bootstrapping vs. fundraising
supply/demand imbalance
growth vs. quality
founder dependence
increasing competition
money management
access to capital
client dependence
cash flow

"I got 99 problems but my backup ain't one!" - Jay-Z*

The jumble of words above is a list of common problems (“challenges” is far too politically correct of a euphemism for us) that small business/non-profit leaders face in running their organizations. If you found yourself nodding your head to any of them, then read on! (If you weren’t nodding your head to any of the items above, then congratulations! You should go here instead of our web site because there’s not much that we can do for you.)

Given how razor sharp you are you probably noticed that missing from the list above are things like, “broken backups”, “email down”, “slow network”, “bring your own device”, etc. This isn’t because small business/non-profit leaders never have to worry about these issues – far from it in fact – rather, it’s because technology is an enabler (or disabler in many instances) of a successful organization but it is VERY rarely the make or break element an organization. (We would argue that this is true of the Googles, Facebooks and Apples of the world even though these companies are popularly thought of as “pure technology” organizations.)

“Why is a technology consulting company downplaying the importance of technology?” you may be asking yourself right about now. In part, it’s because we like to “zig” when everyone else is “zagging” but the real reason is it that it underscores one of our core beliefs: That is, your organization is NOT about technology (even if you do make “technical products”)…it’s about finding/creating customers (or “clients” or “constituents” or whatever you choose to call the people you serve), delivering value to those customers (usually in the form of some sort of product or service) and consistently being able to repeat this cycle over and over again.

Technology is important to be sure but it is NOT the core of your business. Our sole purpose is to allow you to focus on all of those other things that do in fact make up the core of your business/non-profit, e.g., product development, cash flow, hiring, compliance, etc. Put another way, our goal is to make your organization’s technology one less thing you have to worry about. Don’t thank us now…you’ll have plenty of time for that later!

* – Jay-Z totally did NOT say that!