Postcards from the “Entrepreneurial Edge”

Postcards from the “Entrepreneurial Edge”

It’s been almost 30 years since Carrie Fisher first published her very successful novel “Postcards from the Edge” (1987) and I will say up front that I’ve never read the book and that it’s been MANY years since I watched the movie (also written by Carrie Fisher) but this title has resonated with me ever since I heard about it.

I get a mental image of receiving an actual postcard from a family member or friend who is in some far flung part of the world telling me about the wild ups and downs of their life in that far flung place. In the age of email, Twitter, Snapchat and so on postcards, of course, seem quaint but this image persists in my mind.

So I’m going to use this post to “send a postcard” from one entrepreneur to any others who may happen to stumble upon it:

Postcards from the Entrepreneurial Edge blog post

When Danny is NOT busy “writing postcards”, he’s also leading a technology consulting company. Hit him on Twitter or Facebook.

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